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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - Fiat Ducato Mk1 (01/1984 12/1993)

£460.00 £442.00

Manufacturer: Dunlop

Product Information

Dunlop Systems and Components where we present to you our range of Air Suspension kits for Motorhomes.

The motorhome air suspension kit is fitted in-between the standard steel springs of your motorhome suspension and the vehicle chassis, and provides enhancements in terms of the stability, the fatigue life of the vehicle and the comfort of the passengers.

Multiple benefits can come from installing an auxiliary air suspension system.

Increased Ground Clearance
Does your vehicle hit the groung when boarding the ferry? or parking on a steep driveway? Have you recently added a scooter rack to the back of the vehicle and become concerned with the amount of clearance now available at the rear? When you install one of our Motorhome air suspension systems you have the ability to increase or decrease the rear suspension height when you want. You can increase it when required to give you greater ground clearance then set it to a more suitable height for normal driving comfort.

Improved Straight Line Stability
You will know the feeling of traveling at speed being subjected to the buffeting effect of cross winds or large overtaking vehicles. The sudden movement is always alarming especially with such a valuable possession carrying such a valuable cargo. Installing Dunlop air suspension systems reduces these buffeting effects.

Reduced Body Roll
Your Motorhome is heavy. with a high centre of gravity, and as such will lean significantly when cornering giving you an uneasy feeling of insecurity. Dunlop air suspension systems improve your vehicles stability making cornering more positive and stable giving you greater confidence and security on the road.

Fatigue Reduction and Wear Compensation
As the weight in your motorhome is so unevenly distributed with all the equipment generally being installed along one side, the suspension on the side of the vehicle carrying the most weight will also be subject to the most wear and tear. When a motorhome leaves the factory it is so close to being at the total Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) that great consideration has to be given to what you can legally carry. Include a bicycle or scooter rack on the rear and the wear problems will increase. Our air suspension systems allow you to lift both sides of the suspension until they are level reducing the wear on the heavier side. In time your original suspension will sag as a result of the constant loading (if it hasn't already) and when loaded your bump rubbers will always be in contact inputting shock forces to the rest of the vehicle. By Installing our air suspension systems you can prevent suspension sagging and any suspension sagging already present can be compensated for reducing any further excessive wear on your vehicle.
Improved Ride Comfort
Air springs help to absorb shock loads from uneven road surfaces, therefore general ride quality is much improved.
Vehicle Leveling
By adjusting the amount of air in the air springs, the vehicle can be leveled both front-to-rear and side-to-side. Keeping the vehicle level optimise's stability, ensures correct headlamp beam distribution and reduces tyre wear arising from uneven distribution of weight. This is particularly noticeable in a motorhome where most of the equipment and hence the weight is installed along one side of the motorhome.

Kits come complete with Gauge & Valve - Vertical or Horizontal Connection
This unit enables you to quickly establish the air pressures in your air springs. It also enables you to fill both springs together, thus ensuring you have equal pressure in both sides. However it still gives you the facility to have off-set pressures.

Product Code: MLD-LD84CM3


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